Community Review: Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen Night Market

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen, a.k.a. Engadine Night Markets, is at Engadine Town Square on the first Friday of the month from 4pm until 9pm. The lovely organisers curate street food stalls and trucks to offer culturally diverse dinner and dessert options, and a little entertainment, as a nice excuse to get our local community together.

Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen Engadine Community Markets

There are around 15 stalls each month, with regular offerings of Italian, Chinese, Turkish, and American food, with features from Mexico, Spain, Japan, France, Holland, Fiji, Vietnam, and the list goes on!

With our 2 young kids in tow, we arrive at 4pm, to start with dessert first. This month we had traditional Dutch poffertjes and a Tim Tam cupcake from Cupcake Glory. We often have sweet French crepes or brownies with ice cream. It’s always delicious! Then we move onto our real dinner, while watching the entertainment get set up from our trundle table, or the Community Centre stairs. Bottom of the Barrel BBQ slow cooked meats has become a clear favourite, and Onya Gnocchi is always a winner. Lately our boys have been enjoying the arancini as well. The most memorable was Norma’s Bar American style burgers who were around in winter: the perfect burger if you ask me.

Dinner at Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen Engadine Community Markets

We really enjoy the relaxed vibe and the friendly faces, and make it an event not to miss in our calendar.

Engadine Physio at Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen Engadine Community Markets

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